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1 Cynthia cdcolson[-a-] May 5, 2020
Every skirt that I`ve bought @ TLB has been very
good quality. Customer service is next to none great
also. I will continue to purchase skirts from TLB and
highly recommend them to others. Thank you.
2 COLLEEN FINLAYSON colfin[-a-] Jan 3, 2020
I saw a woman wearing the snap skirt with the
side pouch while in Mexico. I searched the
net and found your company and the skirt.
Ordered it unsure how it would fit s to XL.
I tracked it and it arrived in Canada in
about 3 weeks. Was so pleased! Exactly what
I was hoping for and will tell friends and
reorder. Unique store you can trust. Fast
and efficient! Thank you
3 C.A. Meagher wintercastle4[-a-] Sep 12, 2019
I am so glad to have found this shop. Today`s mainstream styles just don`t cut it for me, so I am now buying from here. Disha was outstanding and I felt I had my own personal assistant when determining what would fit and what would not. The skirts are well made and absolutely beautiful. A truly delightful shopping experience!
4 Marie Moran Mrmrn41[-a-] [-a-]gmail. Com May 10, 2019
I would like you to know how pleased I am
with my wrap around skirt I received today
in the mail today.The skirt is as you
described it, very well made and fits
beautifully. Can`t wait to wear my new,
stylish wrap around skirt.
5 Ally Cogbill amcogbill[-a-] Nov 28, 2018
Great costumer service! I bought a skirt that was too big
for me and they helped me exchange it and figure out
which style would fit my body best.
6 Genemina quasers2345[-a-] Oct 8, 2018
Thank you so much I have had really good
compliments about the skirts that I buy from
you. It helps boost my self-confidence.
7 Iilyma friendsbychoice22[-a-] Sep 10, 2018
Great skirt boutique! Very exclusive styles!
What you see is what you get and the clothes
are good quality. Highly recommend buying from
8 Abbi Abbi1977[-a-] Aug 16, 2018
Just received my first order today. Reasonable cost and
fast shipping were great, but I was THRILLED when I
opened the box. My new bag is so beautiful and such
high quality. I really love it & will shop here again!
9 Beth Faith bethfaith04[-a-] Aug 9, 2018
I purchased 2 skirts for my
daughter`s birthday. She would
like to return them. What are
your return polices'
10 Jess jessamynjoy[-a-] Jul 18, 2018
I am so glad I took a chance and placed an order with the Little Bazaar. I LOVE (really, really love) my wrap around skirt and was thrilled at how quickly (and economically) it arrived to me on the East Coast. Thank you so much!
11 DJ Wilhoite djwilhoite[-a-] May 5, 2018
I want to thank Disha for the excellent
service on my recent order. She took time to
pick out many styles for me to choose from.
Disha is very respnsive and helpful. I love
the styles I ordered. Thank you. Dj Wilhoite
12 kristien knibiehly kknibiehly[-a-] Apr 19, 2018
Done deal, I love your site,to find the 60`s
hippie clothes is really a wonderful trip down
memory lane,I love the clothes,I`ll be back
!!! Your reveiw was posted ! Thanks for
excellent service, Sincerely, Kristien
13 kristien knibiehly kknibiehly[-a-] Apr 19, 2018
thank you for message about concerning item
#1877, sorry for miss spelled word on my last
message,it did make me laugh though, Sorry
14 Mar 31, 2018
I found this website when about 9 of my family members needed prairie-type skirts for a COWGIRL wedding. All my family members purchased the same uneven-hem skirt for the wedding this June and we cannot wait to wear them. I have since ordered another of the same skirt in a different color and will be ordering another color soon. Disha is very pleasant and easy to work with and I would recommend her clothing to anyone. There`s lots to choose from and I go to the website often to check things out. The clothing is very reasonably priced and a nice touch for something different to wear.
15 kristien knibiehly kknibiehly[-a-] Feb 8, 2018
my address is p.o box 303,westmoreland
ny,13490. if you need a street address it is
kristien knibiehly 5005 stop 7 road,whitesboro
n.y 13492
16 Larissa Bennett dscasey28[-a-] Feb 5, 2018
So happy with my purchase. I bought 2 skirts and they came 2 days later!!! I will definitely be getting more soon! Great colors and quality. Thank you so much!
17 Debbie Jan 21, 2018
I want to let you know I couldn't be more pleased with the 3 skirts I recently purchased from The Little Bazaar. The style and colors were as advertised, they fit perfectly, and delivery was super speedy. Thank you for your great customer service. Debbie
18 Marluce marlucebrum2010[-a-] May 20, 2017
Amei as peças, principalmente as saias, mas nao comprei por nao conseguir ver preços e descrições dos produtos em potuguês.
19 Emily emilyvhanlon[-a-] May 15, 2017
Great service and great products. Easy exchange and
returns to get the right product. Thanks so much LB!
20 Susan hudson Smwhdson[-a-] May 1, 2017
Just got my three new awesome summer skirts, so now I
have 5 from littlebazaar! Totally awesome, and I like
shorter ones for summer heat and the 30"/32" petite are
Perfect. Lots of compliments. Thank you for your
wonderful artsy skirts!
21 Cheryl hoffert[-a-] Apr 19, 2017
I really like some of your wrap skirts but everything is too long for me. I am 5`3". I hope that in the future you can make some that are shorter.
22 Charlene April 6, 2017
I have made several purchases with this company and have not been disappointed.
23 Leann Sherman leannsherman[-a-] Feb 9, 2017

I just visited your website or the first time and love your clothes - especially the maxi skirts. I am 5`1". Do you have maxi skirts (or other items) for petites' thanks.

Leann Sherman
Rockville, Maryland
24 Dahlia Dahlia1972Thomas~[-a-] Feb 8, 2017
This order arrived super fast and was even
better than the picture. Great purchase and my
emails were answered immediately. Great store
and products - highly recommend-thank you!!
25 Zhao skybluechilired99[-a-] Jan 24, 2017
Thank you, the little bazaar!! I paid more
attention to the skirt dimensions and am
excited how long these are! :) Thank you so
much for making these beautiful skirts from
India available to us!!
Will be back for my birthday,
26 Eleanor AKA27crone[-a-] Jan 20, 2017
I wore one of my new
skirts to a potluck last night and got so many
compliments..Many of the women wanted your name
and to know more about the store, where I found
it etc. You never know if any of them will
follow thru with purchases but perhaps towards
spring they will
27 Andrea H andih[-a-] Jan 16, 2017
My family makes frequent trips to Uganda
for relief projects. My 22 year old
daughter is living there helping in a
church, school, and a safe house for abused
and neglected children. She has ordered
several skirts before from your company
and they are favorites for their comfort,
light weight, modesty, and beauty. We have
ordered some more for her, for me, and as
gifts for some of the ladies that she works
alongside. Thank you for your excellent
product and for your attention to detail
and customer service.
28 Elle in Oregon PlantCronenw[-a-] Dec 13, 2016
Thank you for your prompt reply..I shall
check the other websites tomorrow morning.
I really appreciate your been honest about
this...sadly many sellers will tell you
anything if a sale depends on the answer.
Telling me the truth makes me more
interested in checking your whole website.
And I fee like I`m dealing with an honest
29 CruzPam pay1law1996[-a-] Mar 13, 2016
I love the made in India cloth and prints, and
most favor the wrap styles. They are awesome!
Love them.
30 Ruskin Goodtimes66[-a-] Dec 18, 2015
I love the style and uniqueness. I got my two
skirts and absolutely love them. Can you get
some youth or girl sizes please'
31 Bill Bogusky bildix1[-a-] Nov 7, 2015
Hi, I love the shirts. Unfortunately, they are too snug. Would
like to exchange them for the next size up. Please tell me the

Thank you,

32 Angie rastaprincess761[-a-] Oct 26, 2014
Hello, I have ordered from you and absolutely
love my skirts! Give thanks
But I have a very special request that I am
hoping you will be interested in. The sequin
mexican glare skirt I LOVE but I would like
for the orange in the middle to be yellow in
color:) Thank you for your time.
33 jabridgewater jabridgewater1[-a-] Oct 26, 2014
could you please tell me if you do any skirts at
around 28 or 29 inches. all your skirts look
great but they are too long for me.
34 Askira posy98y25bert1[-a-] Oct 26, 2014
I just received my order and I must say I`m
not only pleased, I am so happy that to have
found a place that serviced exactly what I
wanted. I hope to purchase more items from you
in the future.
Thanks a lot.

35 Lhen Honeybear1209[-a-] Mar 25, 2014
Hi i want to order the "Designer Panel Hippie
Cotton Skirt" how can i avail this' im from
Philippines please help me.. thanks.
36 Marie Van Rensburg marievan_rensburg[-a-] Mar 24, 2014
Hi there..can I order my skirts in a size 12 or 14 '
37 Marie Van Rensburg marievan_rensburg[-a-] Mar 24, 2014
Hi there..can I order my skirts in a size 12 or 14 '
38 Karen Jones hippyrainbow[-a-] Nov 8, 2013
I bought the long Dust blue wrap around skirt from you and it is absolutely beautiful. The quality is really good I am very pleased with this purchase.
39 Jana Ray janaray1[-a-] Oct 22, 2013
Ordered the paarl panel long patchwork skirt. I`m loving it and received so many compliments on the first wearing. However, the little "rope" things that separate the squares started coming off immediately. Like, several of them. I`m really afraid to wash it.
40 San Elizabeth info[-a-] Oct 8, 2013
What art offers is space - a certain breathing
room for the spirit - Found this site with
absolutely wonderful fine skirts, just can not
decide which I like the most' I long for
spring now when I see them. Even though they
have very hösiga colors so it`s still my
favorite colors. Colours are earthy. Remember
when all the trees and plants come to life
again, when the greenery, the flowers and the
heat comes. When it is bright and clear out.
When the birds are chirping like that
hysterically funny that I start laughing. When
you do not have to get dressed so into the
bomb lot of clothes. Everything from extra
thick sweaters, scarves and mittens for thick
socks and at least two long underwear under
your pants. Nah thanks, I know spring and
summer. Everything is so much smoother then do
not you agree' I think I`ll buy myself one of
these skirts that I may have then when the
heat starts to come :) They are not at all
expensive, given how special they still are.
41 carrol ctooke[-a-] Sep 17, 2013
The skirts I ordered are unbelievable! I love
them all. I was looking for a skirt for a
wedding - and found one at the Little Bazaar -
... I will be ordering again. I love your
42 Anita 1patchina11[-a-] May 17, 2013
please make them plus size and deliver to Canada I would
love to buy your sequin skirts you don`t find beautiful coulors
were I live :( please email me sometime if you every get plus
sized cloths Thaknk you so much for your time...
43 Mary mar702013[-a-] May 7, 2013
Why can`t/won`t you add plus size skirts to your
clothing line' Do you realize how many women
there are who would love to be able to wear your
clothes but can`t, because you don`t carry plus
44 sandy babb sandyb33[-a-] Apr 9, 2013
I ordered the split skirt ( wide legged pants)
LOVE them.. just ordered a wrap skirt.What a
great company. Fast shipping and quality
45 Nicki - UK Mar 19, 2013
Hi - I love my sequin skirt that arrived safely
in UK today; great value and super speedy
delivery x
46 Ozgal aussiejan[-a-] Feb 14, 2013
i would have bought some of your skirts, but I like them 40 inches lng. Very pretty, but hey are not really long, they are mid length. Above ankle. I am over 5ft 6 though.
47 mary mar702012[-a-] Jan 20, 2013
Why don`t you have shirts/skirts for plus size
women' I know there are a lot of us, because I
see them everywhere. I would love to have some
of your skirts.
48 Kathmandu Clothing ktmclothing123[-a-] Dec 12, 2012
The products are just awesome and are lot more
cheaper than any other store.
49 Katie Roth keitijaroth[-a-] Aug 1, 2012
Just bought Yajna Patchwork Lounge Pants and absolutely
LOVE THEM!!! Now wishing there were some just the same
but lined for winter wear!
50 Joanne Algranati Peiyuyen[-a-] May 6, 2012
This is my third purchase! I am very happy with the prices
and shipping service. I am short and it has been hard
finding this style for my height, but I found a variety here!
51 Elizabeth F elizabethfara***[-a-] Apr 23, 2012
I just received three skirts and they are
gorgeous. Thank you so much. I love them
52 mortiz amortiz_38[-a-] Oct 4, 2011
Do you have guys shirts'
53 Shawn Quinn quinnsh1[-a-] Jun 28, 2011
Why don`t you carry/make skirts for girls with 45-50 inch
diameter waists. Your skirts are so beautiful and many
women, myself included would love to wear them, but
waist sizes are too small. Thank you, and if you have
bigger skirts, PLEASE let me know!!!!
54 Viorel vio***[-a-] May 15, 2011
I just wished the skirts to be a bigger size.
I will watch your site for more/new designs.
Are you planning to bring more tropical prints
and sets, like blouses/pants, skirts/pants'

Please bring bigger sizes too, like L/XL.
55 Emily emily...3[-a-] Mar 24, 2011
What a beautiful website with such beautiful
clothing! It would be great to see the skirts
and shirts on a model to get an idea of the fit.
Keep up the amazing work :) Im so glad I came
across your unique handmade clothing.
56 Phoenix px....[-a-] Mar 2, 2011
My name is Phoenix and we just got done
speaking about the long floral skirts or
others that would be from 33 - 36". Your
skirts are beautiful. I do wish to purchase a
few. I prefer those that can be hand washed
rather than dry cleaned. I thank you for
sending me a list of choices.
57 gypsygirl....[-a-] Mar 2, 2011
Is it possible that some skirts on here can be
custom fitted! i have a 42 inch waist...just
58 Savannah M savannahs.....[-a-] Feb 16, 2011
Thank you for my order! It came so quickly and
all of the eight skirts are absolutely
beautiful!! Thank you!!
59 Malaika Sural surwell[-a-] Jan 4, 2011
You have the best, most different types of
skirts on the entire internet!
60 ** **ambraz[-a-] Jun 22, 2010
i am going to buy a skirt to try. thank you..
61 vickie white vickiejeanwhite[-a-] Apr 5, 2010
I have ordered two skirts and have received so many compliments on them...and shipping was very fast...Thanks so much.
62 Diane deedii123[-a-] Mar 10, 2010
Received skirt advertised 37" instead of 31", when returned only received back cost of skirt & return postage not postage paid to initially to have skirt sent!!
63 gypsy nurse gypsybrocante[-a-] Sep 8, 2010
Hello.. was wondering if you offered wholesale accounts'

64 Monica Mitchell mamitchel[-a-] Jul 12, 2010
I love your unique long skirts but they are sold out. please email when you get more.
65 Jessi j.marchese[-a-] Jun 11, 2010
The skirts are great! I just recieved mine and I love them.
66 Petra thompsonpetra[-a-] Jan 7, 2011
Apologies for bad spelling and grammar!
Another question: Do you twist your skirt after it is washed to keep it crinkled' Can I iron it if I don`t like it crinkled'
67 Petra Thompson thompsonpetra[-a-] Jan 7, 2011
I bought a beautiful skirt that I really love. The skirt arrived earlier than I expected. I love this kind of stuff!
Does anybody know where I could get white or light colored long-sleeved cotton shirts that go nicely with hippie skirts' The skirt I bought is so colorful that I think I should wear white with it. Also, this summer I`m going to Morocco where culture and religion doesn`t fancy tank tops and clothes that show too much skin. I want to respect their that but I don`t know where to buy clothes, except Little Bazaar, of course! Thanks for any suggestions you may give!
68 Suzane sanddunesuzane[-a-] Dec 6, 2010
I recently bought 2 of the skirts with the animal appliques sewn on. I don`t know WHY, but I LOVE this sort of applique work. Is there a certain name for this applique work' It seems like I should be able to find more of it either on the internet or on ebay. Maybe it takes so long to create this type of fabric' I just wanted to ask you if I should search for it by a certain name.


69 hasmik Nov 29, 2010
70 zeena huskot345_pat[-a-] Aug 5, 2010
thanks for your help in finding the right skirts for our dance performance, they arrived well in time....good communication and customer service
71 tisha sunmoonstar[-a-] Jul 27, 2010
i liked the patchwork handbag but returned it because the strap was short....thanks for the prompt refund
72 angie mooreh luckymooreh[-a-] Jul 25, 2010
i don`t wear this style of clothing if i had i would buy a lot of stuff from you.. love your website, your merchandise looks gorgeous to the eye
73 mariia meandyou[-a-] Jul 16, 2010
your embroidered stoles look very pretty, will you be getting more variety, I purchased one last year and want to buy a similar one for my sister
74 myrah Jul 12, 2010
Beautiful Skirt! Don`t miss out on this one!
75 LARA lonamich[-a-] Jun 23, 2010
Casual, comfortable skirt - Great summer skirt. Flattering fit.
76 Sheila sul_michi[-a-] Jun 12, 2010
Purchased 863, maharaja crinkle skirt. Its gorgeous very dressy and smart.
77 R.C Rebekah0554[-a-] May 29, 2010
Thank you for selling these beautiful skirts at such a great price. I`ve purchased 4 and love them so much. They`re exquisite. I receive compliments on them every time I walk out the door.
78 Catherine kat_word[-a-] May 17, 2010
Wonderful bag at great price! Arrived super fast.Very happy!!
79 savannah joe josephine345[-a-] Apr 8, 2010
Your skirts are very pretty in the pictures but even prettier in person. An amazing variety of cotton crinkle skirts. Please get some in shorter length too.
80 moonmynx moonprism98[-a-] Apr 7, 2010
I bought a ribbon skirt with mirrors and bells. The skirt had disk marks from the mirrors being misplaced and then moved. Also, therse was a tear, from a mirror being moved, and it was simply sown with miscolored thread and shipped as undamaged.
The Little Bazaar response: We did not find any order placed by anyone with this name or email id; nor did we hear back when we tried to contact this person via email provided in this feedback. At the same time, we are committed to provide best products and best services, and if a skirt were to be damaged like this, we will be happy to replace to accept a return.
81 Vandana - Apr 5, 2010
I signed up. Please let me know when you get some skirts back online which are showing sold-out.
82 Christine Dudler bubble4567[-a-] Feb 28, 2011
I ordered a pink velvet shoulder and and absolutely adore it - fast shipping.
83 Brandy Sweeney bsweeney519[-a-] Feb 26, 2011
I ordered one of the messenger bags and I`m really impressed. I love the bag so much. Thank you.
84 audrey lehman cookiequeen[-a-] Feb 20, 2011
This is the third year i am ordering my summer stock of skirts from this store. You have the best selection this year, the skirts are beautiful.
85 ... Ibrahim4614[-a-] Feb 17, 2011
86 Martha martha_sieha[-a-] Jan 31, 2011
I order clothing online a lot. And more often than not I am disappointed in quality and size. When I received my skirt from your store, I was amazed at the quality and stitching. Surpassed and exceeded all expectations..thank you I love my tie dye sequin skirt,
87 Chimen Hujoy chihu[-a-] Jan 22, 2011
Even more beautiful than in picture, Very nice product ! Thank you so much ! Excellent store!
88 elizabeth hendle bethdle[-a-] Jan 18, 2011
received the 2 handbags I ordered and absolutely love them, especially the pink velvet one. many thanks
89 meeran lapot lapot_meer[-a-] Jan 6, 2011
I bought 3 stoles/scarfs as christmas gifts for my girlfriends and they all simply adored them. Will try your skirts this summer..they look gorgeous
90 sletor[-a-] Jan 5, 2011
very good quality of sequined handbag at unbeatable price fast shipping.
91 Jill Couler jillcoul[-a-] Jan 02, 2011
I love the tie dye colors of the skirt (Item ID 687) also found several tops that looked absolutely beautiful with all the colors on the skirt. I also was a little worried that the skirt would make me look hippy but it really looked wonderful the sequins are a refreshing accent. Thanks.
92 kkredner[-a-] Oct 22, 2010
I am waiting to check when you will be selling ID # 513 or when they will be instock. I love it!
93 Gina Oswald goni[-a-] Oct 22, 2010
I would really like to buy a few of your 36 inch long tunics, butr see only small sizes. Do you ever carry size L or XL':
94 gogo_4488[-a-] Oct 12, 2010
I would like to know how much the costs are to ship a skirt of 14.99 to The Netherlands. Thank you.
95 Ann M. Nosbaum AnnN[-a-]> Sep 30, 2010
Can I phone in an order' If so, what are your hours' Also, I want to purchase Item ID 351, Suede Embroidered Handbag. Does the purse close with a zipper' Thank you.
96 Karen moonfairy328[-a-] Sep 15, 2010
I just received my bag, and I absolutely love it! It greatly
exceeded all my expectations, and I was surprised at how
quickly I received my order. This was my first time ordering
from you, and it definitely will not be the last. Thank you!
97 Jade Lindholm jadelindholm2[-a-] Aug 12, 2010
Hello from Florida! Will you have another tie dye tunic #371 in a medium/large' Is it possible to order it from you now' Thanks.
God Bless.
98 meandprissy1[-a-] Jul 24, 2010
I just recieved my skirt (#300), I love it!!!! It is great, excellent quality and the prompt shipping was awesome. I can`t wait to show it off!!! I`m a loyal customer and I will tell my friends!!!
99 hcmartin[-a-] Jul 11, 2010
you really should take off the things that have been sold out. its a huge tease because i want them and then i go to buy them and they are sold out
100 Tonya Essary sparklenglam[-a-] Apr 27, 2010
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I got the bag and I am IN LOVE!
It`s gorgeous!!!! I`ll be back :) Thanks for the fast free shipping!
101 Andrea D Spader aspader[-a-] Apr 22, 2010
hey! i got my skirts today! i ordered two of them because i am traveling to india this summer for a missions trip! i needed some long skirts and i was so excited when i saw the made in india tag! that is awesome! well im sure i will be needing to order at least one more! thanks i am so pleased and excited with your service!!
102 Elizabeth Doss doss817[-a-] Apr 17, 2010
fast shipping! Great necklace and earrings! Thanks!!!!!!!
103 modelsfshion[-a-] Apr 7, 2010
This is a cool site .. they are the cutest easy to wear skirts so great for quick summer trips to toss in your bag . The little boho bags are adorable too.
104 Heather Johnston johnshl[-a-] Apr 6, 2010
Really beautiful skirt; I`ve received lots of compliments!
105 Tannia tanbejour[-a-] Apr 4, 2010
Loved looking at your unique collection of purses! pls let me know when you get new stuff & if you`re re-stocking any of the sold-out items in your bohemian line!!
106 maddieju maddieju[-a-] Apr 4, 2010
Gorgeous bag from friendly seller! Smooth & speedy transaction. Thanks!
107 quietsister quietsister[-a-] Apr 1, 2010
Lightning-fast delivery and excellent merchandise. I heartily recommend.
108 Doreen Parsons crystalscollect[-a-] Apr 1, 2010
Love all these beautiful unique items! Especially the skirts, they have such pretty detail work. Great Store! Wishing you much success.
109 Lisa Delva light11[-a-] Apr 1, 2010
Thank you for the wonderful bag; just what I needed this spring!
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